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Stefano Borelli

Italian, with an English mother, has been travelling since he was two.  After a degree in Social Sciences he worked as a journalist for different media, specialising in medicine, wellness and health items.  He’s still a freelance journalist in the food and wine sector. Since he was young he worked with antiques, participating in various international fairs. He was editor and director of the monthly magazine “La Gazzetta dell’Antiquariato”. In 2015 he became official Sommelier for FISAR (Federazione Italiana Sommelier Albergatori e Ristoratori) and ever since then continued studying and investigating the world of wine, travelling around vineyards of Europe. He is also Director of courses for FISAR. In 2017 he owned a wine bar in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania,  where he organised wine courses and wine tasting sessions.  His latest idea is



Enrico Cioccolini

Born and raised in Rome, he moved to The Netherlands in 2009 and since then he started to create connections between Dutch customers and Italian quality products. Through his brand ItaliëThuis (Italy at your home in Dutch) he has organised several wine events and supplied restaurants and wine shops. He currently organises and leads food & wine tours to Italy, works as marketing consultant for Italian producers interested in the Dutch market, designs and produces digital media, websites, manages online AD and social media campaigns and much more, thanks to his experience that covers more than 25 years of professional success. He speaks fluently Italian, English, Dutch, Spanish and French. He sings, composes and arranges music for his band. He definitely doesn’t get bored with his life, and neither do the guests on  his food & wine tours.

Jennifer Jernberg

Registered Vinologist by the Wijnacademie in Maarn (The Netherlands), Jennifer has a pure passion for wine and food, which she developed through the years while traveling the world and getting to know an incredible amount of different ways to interpret taste. She lives in Amsterdam and works as sommelier, organizing  both public and private wine tastings. She runs a blog about wine and matching with food. She also organizes food & wine tours in Italy and all over Europe and the world. She transmits her passion to her guests in a very simple way, sharing her knowledge thanks to her greatest quality above all: the awareness that we always have something to learn from everyone and in every situation.

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