Aleatico di Gradoli is a sweet red-wine of the Lazio wine region of central western Italy. Introduced in 1972, this DOC title was among the earlier Lazio DOCs, of which there are now more than 25. T

Conforming to the naming pattern of so many Italian DOC titles, Aleatico di Gradoli wines are made from Aleatico grapes grown in and around the commune of Gradoli. Grotte di Castro and San Lorenzo Nuovo, two villages immediately to the north

Any Aleactico di Gradoli wine stands out immediately from others produced in Lazio, whose declining level of wine production remains firmly focused on white wines produced from Mavasia Bianca and Trebbiano. The vineyards which make Aleatico also grow white grapes for use in the Est! Est!! Est!!! wines.The wine is beautifully dark red, deep and thick. The nose shows intense notes of red fruits especially sour cherries in jam. The mouth is warm and soft, velvety and rich. It’s sweetness matches perfectly the local patisserie

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