If you are interested in collecting wine,do not try to collect high value wines if you are struggling to pay your rent.The cost of collecting does not stop at the initial purchase. You need to invest in proper storage, insurance, documentation, security. Hopefully there is some order to your storage. At a minimum, you need to know where each bottle is and how many you have. There is software for this.  Wine–especially old wine–needs to be very delicately handled. Wine likes to be stored in a cool humid environment. Consider this environment if you are planning on making your cellar  in your basement. Keep the original purchase receipt, the original auction text, the card of the guy who sold it to. Additionally, write a detailed description of the bottle including any marks that make yours unique. Keep these documents as you would your valuable wine: safely stored and cataloged. Dont forget wine is one of the easiest collectibles to fake.

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