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Book a one day tour throughout the whole year...

Join us on a journey of discovery of Italy’s wine cellars, starting with the most famous, Montalcino and Montepulciano in Tuscany, then onwards  to little-known  places off the beaten tourist track: in Basilicata, Campania and Puglia. A professional sommelier will accompany you every step of the way, guiding you through the vineyards and illustrating how the grapes grow, ripen and mature. You will meet the wine makers,  and hear about their love and respect for Nature and  territory.

Plan a long weekend in one of our recommended residences...

To truly experience wine you need to slow down and pay attention. Choose between a sixteenth century country house in the middle of Val d’Orcia, a B&B in a castle in Civitella del Tronto or a historical “masseria” (a typical farmhouse) in Puglia, from where you can watch the sun setting on the sea or wake up to the sound of birds. Whatever your budget, we offer affordable, tailor-made long weekends in magical surroundings where you will feel as if time has stood still.

Choose one of our holiday packages in south of Italy...

Come and explore the small “borghi” or villages of Abruzzo with their narrow streets, old forts, wrought iron balustrades, with the Gran Sasso massif and its year round snow cover for a striking backdrop. Or come and visit Cori, 50 Kilometers from Rome, with its cyclopean town walls, where a mysterious population from ancient Greece, the Pelasgians, are said to have introduced the art of wine cultivation to the south of Italy. And many  more secret cellars with genuine wine.

Enjoy meals with our Sommeliers and Chefs

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Wine tasting lessons in all our tours

In all our  tours wine tasting sessions will be held by professional sommeliers. In Tuscany and Umbria a professional Chef will give lessons on how to cook certain Italian dishes and reveal some secrets of the Italian culinary tradition.  At the end of the trip you will understand the story behind every sip, every glass, every corner of our secret cellars.  Each barrel, each bottle, each brand, has indeed  a different story to tell.  Wine growers can be compared to music conductors in a symphony orchestra.  Although the music score remains  the same, the final result can be different. If you know how to “tune in” you will discover that Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony directed by Riccardo Muti or Herbert von Karajan are not the same. Similarly wine growers have they own distinctive way of intepreting the landscape, the soil, the vines, the cellars. 


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